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What Type Of eLearning Content Should You Create? – eLearning Industry

Deciding On The Type Of eLearning Content You Should Create   As an eLearning professional, your goal is to create courses and modules that resonate with your audience. But what type of eLearning content is best if you want to deliver bite-sized chunks of information? 3 Types Of Content Learners Need eLearning content usually fits into one of [...]

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Top 7 Benefits Of Web Conferencing Software For eLearning Professionals

Web conferencing tools have become valuable in the eLearning industry, but what benefits do they really bring to your online courses? In this article, I’ll highlight the top advantages of web conferencing software for eLearning professionals. Web Conferencing Software: 7 Top Benefits For eLearning Professionals While text messages and emails are now the preferred methods of [...]