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Teaching for 21st Century | Karin Schmidlin | TEDxUW

Have you ever wondered what it is like to not only teach but to teach in a way that impacts your students? Have you had relationships with your fellow students and teachers? With our virtual world in the 21st century, how can we maintain these elements while opening borders, exchanging ideas and starting companies? Karin [...]

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Using The ADDIE Model to Create Effective eLearning Experiences – Your eLearning World

When designed and delivered appropriately, eLearning courses can be highly engaging and useful to students. Any course that engages its learners, will invariably result in being an effective teaching tool. To be truly successful, however, online courses must include certain hallmarks: They should support the overall business objective for which they are being created They [...]

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What Type Of eLearning Content Should You Create? – eLearning Industry

Deciding On The Type Of eLearning Content You Should Create   As an eLearning professional, your goal is to create courses and modules that resonate with your audience. But what type of eLearning content is best if you want to deliver bite-sized chunks of information? 3 Types Of Content Learners Need eLearning content usually fits into one of [...]